Roofing Brings Most Value to Homes


Ever wondered what home improvement would bring the most bang for the buck?

Turns out new roofing, although costly, brings the most value to a home. After all, a home is first and foremost a shelter.

Two of the biggest reasons homeowners remodel their home are to add value and add enjoyment. Turns out, you guessed it, roofing takes the cake on both of these.

Roofing brings most value to homes

Home Projects that Bring Top Value

Buyers and homeowners see great significance in a roof.  According to stats from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, on average during resale, homeowners recover 105 percent of the cost to complete a new roof. Not only this, but the same survey revealed new roofing to be in the “Top 5” list for greatest buyer appeal. New vinyl windows, new garage doors and new vinyl siding followed.

So, save up and replace that old, worn roof to add better aesthetic appeal, protection from the elements and better resale value to your home.

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