Veterans Day 2016

Just a couple days from now, most of us will celebrate Veterans Day.

But many of us won’t.

We’ll get caught up with work, family, chores…the very freedoms secured by veterans.

November 11 will simply fade out quicker than it arrived.

But a few of us will screw in a green light bulb on our front porch.

A few of us will visit the grave of our loved hero.

A few of us will enjoy a parade in our hometown.

A few of us will fly the flag they so valiantly fought for.

Yes , Veterans, we remember your selfless sacrifice.

We remember your bravery and courage.

We remember the freedom you secured for us.

On behalf of the staff at Boggs & Associates, Inc.,

We thank you for every day you’ve lived, placing yourself last and your country first.

By Justin Waybright

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