Refinance Appraisals

 So, you want to refinance your existing mortgage loan and enjoy the monthly savings that come with lower interest rates. But first, your home needs to be appraised, and if your home doesn’t appraise for a high enough value, your chance for a refinance could be cut short.

When you refinance your home, everything hinges on your appraisal.  We will work to provide you a high quality appraisal quickly and efficiently.  Our WV appraisers will work closely with your financial institution to make sure every guideline is met and the process is smooth.

When determining the value of your home, our appraisers look at several factors, including comparable home sales, the sales of residences similar to yours in your neighborhood, the interior and exterior of your home and any improvements.  We will also determine if any aspect of your property is in disrepair.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your home and all its aspects are working properly.  Fix any noticeable defects, such as small cracks in the walls, roof leaks, broken kitchen appliances, etc…

It’s also a big help to make sure you have any improvements documented.  This will give us an idea of how your home has progressed.

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-Your Refinance Appraisal Experts

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